Gauhati University Result 2020 – TDC 2nd Semester

Gauhati University Result 2020 - TDC 2nd Semester

Gauhati University Result 2020 – TDC 2nd Semester Gauhati University Results of BA / BCom / BSc :

Guwahati University successfully conducted 3 year degree, Bachelor in Arts (BA), Bachelor in Commerce (BCom) and Bachelor in Science (BSc), (TDC) course examination 2020 on 2nd, 4th and 6th semester. Guwahati University usually announces its exam results in internet or online ways other than some exams. The candidates sitting in these examinations are awaiting its results and Guwahati University has already announced the Result of CBCS Semester.

Gauhati University Result 2020 Details:

University Name : Gauhati University

Examination Name : Gauhati University (TDC) Examination 2020

Name of Course : Bachelor in Commerce (B.Com), Bachelor in Arts (B.A) & Bachelor in Science (B.Sc)

Semesters : 2nd, 4th & 6th Semester

Examination Date : 29/09/20 to 21/10/20

Details  of Download Results :

We have made separate link of different Semester results for your ease.

Gauhati University Result 2020 BA, BCom & BSc : 

CBCS BA 2nd Sem (Major)Marksheet / PDF
CBCS BA 2nd Sem (General)Marksheet / PDF
CBCS BA 4th Sem (Major)Marksheet / PDF
CBCS BA 4th Sem (General)Marksheet / PDF
BA 6th Semester (Major)Marksheet / PDF
BA 6th Semester (General)Marksheet / PDF
CBCS BCom 2nd Sem (Major)Marksheet / PDF
CBCS BCom 2nd Sem (General)Marksheet / PDF
CBCS BCom 4th Sem (Major)Marksheet / PDF
CBCS BCom 4th Sem (General)Marksheet / PDF
BCom 6th Semester (Major)Marksheet / PDF
BCom 6th Semester (General)Marksheet / PDF
CBCS BSc 2nd Sem (Major)Marksheet / PDF
CBCS BSc 2nd Sem (General)Marksheet / PDF
CBCS BSc 4th Sem (Major)Marksheet / PDF
CBCS BSc 4th Sem (General)Marksheet / PDF
BSc 6th Semester (Major)Marksheet / PDF
BSc 6th Semester (General)Marksheet / PDF
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Links available soon

When GU Result will be announced ?

Date of declaration of previous year results or examine the date ,we had conceived that the results of 2nd, 4th and 6th semester will be declared between November and December 2020 this year. We want to inform our visitors, check results from the above links.

Gauhati University Result 2020 Announcement Timeline:

1st Semester 202019th September 2020
2nd Semester 202010th March 2021
4th Semester 202013th November 2020
3rd Semester 202022nd May 2020
5th Semester 20204th June 2020
6th Semester 20205th December 2020

How to Check Gauhati University Result 2020?

GU always provides an easy and simple way to access the user surface for their results test page, below we have given step by step method to check your GU results.

  • Check above first and click the link according to your semester.
  • There are two link, one is a pdf (which contains only roll number) and another marksheet link is to check the full number details.
  • If you click pdf then a pdf download will be done where you have to find your row number.
  • If you select link marksheet, a page will be load and you will have to submit roll number to the place where you have to enter your roll number.
  • Click a red ‘get result’ button after you have enter your roll number.
  • Now a page within 1-2 seconds will load, where you will get details of your number.
  • You can print this result by clicking on the print option.

FAQs of Gauhati University Result 2020

1. When the GU Result will announce ?

Guwahati University successfully conducted its TDC Semester examination and the university started announcing the results from November 13, 2020.

2. How to check GU Result?

To check the results,Guwahati University’s Official Website is the only way which is . Here is a link to all the semester to view the results.Links will be available Soon.

About Gauhati University :

Grade “A” recognized by the National Assessment and Recognition Council of Gauhati University.  Starting from 18 affiliated colleges and 8 post graduate departments in 1948, Gauhati University today has 39 post graduate departments, in addition to ideal (Institute of Long-Term and Open Learning), a Constituent Law and Antyodaya College. It has 341 affiliated colleges which offers undergraduate and post graduate courses in faculty of arts, science, commerce, law, medicine, adventure and technology. Gauhati University is a member of the University of India association and the Organization of the University of the Commons.

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Some Important Questions and Answer

১. বুৰঞ্জীদাহ কোনে কৰিছিল ?

(a) কীৰ্তিচন্দ্ৰ বৰবৰুৱাই

(b) কীৰ্তিচন্দ্ৰ দাস

(c) কীৰ্তিচন্দ্ৰ ডেকা

(d) কীৰ্তিচন্দ্ৰ বৰা

Ans:- কীৰ্তিচন্দ্ৰ বৰবৰুৱাই

২. কোচ বংশৰ শ্ৰেষ্ঠ ৰজা কোন ?

(a) দেৱকিনাৰায়ণ

(b) নৰনাৰায়ণ

(c) প্ভুনাৰায়ণ

(d) জিনৰনাৰায়ণ

Ans:- নৰনাৰায়ণ

৩. নৰনাৰায়ণৰ সেনাপতিৰ নাম কি ?

(a) চিলাৰাজ

(b) চিলাৰাক

(c) চিলাৰায়

(d) চিলাৰাপ

Ans:- চিলাৰায়

৪. শৰাইঘাটৰ ৰণ কাৰ দিনত হয় ?

(a) জয় সিংহৰ

(b) ৰাম সিংহৰ

(c) শিৱ সিংহৰ

(d) উদয়াদিত্য সিংহ

Ans:- উদয়াদিত্য সিংহ

৫. শৰাইঘাটৰ ৰণত আহোম সেনাপতি কোন আছিল?

(a) লাচিত বৰফুকন

(b) হৰিদেশ বৰফুকন

(c) তিৰ্থ বৰফুকন

(d) গগণ বৰফুকন

Ans:- লাচিত বৰফুকন

৬. শৰাইঘাটৰ ৰণত মুছলমানৰ সেনাপতি কোন আছিল ?

(a) পদুমসিংহ

(b) ৰামসিংহ

(c) হৰিসিংহ

(d) গধা

Ans:- ৰামসিংহ

৭. জয়মতী কুঁৱৰী কোন আছিল ?

(a) গদাধৰ সিংহৰ নাতি

(b) গদাধৰ সিংহৰ ভনী

(c) গদাধৰ সিংহৰ পত্নী

(d) গদাধৰ সিংহৰ ছোৱালী

Ans:- গদাধৰ সিংহৰ পত্নী

৮. কোন আহোম ৰমণীয়ে মোগলৰ লগত যুদ্ধ কৰিছিল ?

(a) মুলাগগৈয়ে

(b) মুগাগাভৰুৱে

(c) মুঘাগাভৰুৱে

(d) মুলাগাভৰুৱে

Ans:- মুলাগাভৰুৱে

৯. মূলাগাভৰুৰ স্বামীৰ নাম কি ?

(a) ফ্ৰা চ্যেঙ মৌঙ

(b) গাগ চ্যেঙ মৌঙ

(c) ফ্ৰা হিৱন মৌঙ

(d) ফ্ৰা কিলক মৌঙ

Ans:- ফ্ৰা চ্যেঙ মৌঙ

১০. মোগলৰ শেষ আক্ৰমণ কাৰ দিনত হৈছিল ?

(a) গদাজিৰ সিংহৰ দিনত

(b) গদাধৰ সিংহৰ দিনত

(c) গধাহৰ সিংহৰ দিনত

(d) গধাহবি সিংহৰ দিনত

Ans:- গদাধৰ সিংহৰ দিনত

১১. নামদাঙৰ শিলৰ সাঁকো কোনে সজাইছিল ?

(a) শিৱসিংহই

(b) গদাধৰসিংহই

(c) ৰুদ্ৰসিংহই

(d) হৰিসিংহই

Ans:- ৰুদ্ৰসিংহই

১২. ল’ৰাৰজাৰ নাম কি আছিল ?

(a) চুজক্‌ফা

(b) চুপিক্‌ফা

(c) চুতিক্‌ফা

(d) চুলিক্‌ফা

Ans:- চুলিক্‌ফা

১৩. আহোম স্বৰ্গদেউসকলৰ আদি আখৰটো কি ?

(a) চু

(b) থে

(c) বি

(d) কো

Ans:- চু

১৪. মোৱামৰীয়া বিদ্রোহ কেইবাৰ হয় ?

(a) পাঁচবাৰ

(b) তিনিবাৰ

(c) ছয়বাৰ

(d) সাতবাৰ

Ans:- তিনিবাৰ

১৫. কেলকাট্টা নতুন নাম ?

(a) কবকাতা

(b) কককাতা

(c) কলকাতা

(d) কিলকাতা

Ans:- কলকাতা

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