Important Questions For SSC GD – 1

Preparation For SSC GD Questions - 1

Preparation For SSC GD Questions – 1

Prepare for your upcoming Government Exam with this Important Questions. Preparation for SSC GD, CAPF  & Preparation for NIA, SSF, CISF, Assam Rifles, SSB, CRPF. You can share this website with your friends. Also, Users can find important questions for different  Exam’s like SSC, Railway NTPC, group D, Bank, Junior Assistant, Assam Police AB and UB. Candidates can also find free mock tests for different central and state govt. exam. I hope this questions will help you to build your knowledge.Thank You and best of luck for your upcoming exam. Quiz link is given below.

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Questions in this Quiz (Preparation For SSC GD – 1):-

1. When AIDS Day is celebrated?
1 October
1 December
1 January
1 November

2. Second Battle of Panipat was fought in the year ?

3. How many groups are there in periodic Table and how many periods are there in periodic Table?
17 groups and 8 Periods
18 groups and 7 Periods
16 groups and 7 Periods
17 groups and 6 Periods

4. The first state in India which is formed on the basis of language?
Andhra Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh

5. The last Mughal Emperor of India was ………..?
Bahadur Shah III
Bahadur Shah
Bahadur Shah IV
Bahadur Shah II

6. Battle of Buxor was fought in the year ?

7. When was the first Railways Started in India?
16 April 1853
15 Aug 1857
15 Aug 1854
16 April 1855

8. Labour day is celebrated in ……… ?
3 October
1 May
17 August
2 December

9. Ozone day is celebrated in ……… ?
16 August
16 November
16 September
16 October

10. In atmosphere, What is the name of the lowest ?

11. World’s largest producer of mica is which country?

12. The first battle of Panipat was fought in ?

13. The battle of Plassey was fought in ……….. ?

14. The first ICS of the world is ……….. ?
Satyendranath Tagore
Anundoram Borooah
Rabindranath Tagore
Indira Devi Choudhurani

15. Human Rights Day is celebrated in which date?
15 December
25 December
10 December
5 December

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