Important Questions For SSC GD – 10

Important Questions For SSC GD 10

Preparation For SSC GD Questions – 10

Prepare for your upcoming Government Exam with this Important Questions. Preparation for SSC GD, CAPF  & Preparation for NIA, SSF, CISF, Assam Rifles, SSB, CRPF. You can share this website with your friends. Also, Users can find important questions for different  Exam’s like SSC, Railway NTPC, group D, Bank, Junior Assistant, Assam Police AB and UB. Candidates can also find free mock tests for different central and state govt. exam. I hope this questions will help you to build your knowledge.Thank You and best of luck for your upcoming exam. Quiz link is given below.

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Questions in this Quiz is all about Preparation For SSC GD – 10 :

1. In which among the following city, the Great Bath of Indus Valley Civilization was found ?






2. Rice cultivation is associated with which one of the following Harappan sites ?






3. Who among the following was the last Delhi Sultan ?

Ibrahim Lodi

Samsher Lodi

Bahlul Lodi

Afzal Lodi


4. Who among the following is regarded as “Maker of Modern India” ?

Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Mohan Desh-pandey

Ram Manohar Parrikar

Dipak Charan Das


5. Who among the following was the 1st Chhatrapati of Maratha Empire ?

Shivaji Maharaj

Pratap Singh

Devdatta Maharaj

Gourishankar Singh


6. Shivaji Maharaj was born in which of the following year ?

1630, 19 February

1635, 19 February

1632, 19 February

1638, 19 February


7. Shivaji Maharaj was died in which of the following year ?

1680, 3 April

1685, 3 April

1675, 3 April

1687, 3 April


8. Which among the following was the British Governor General who abolished the practice of Sati

Lord William Bentinck

Lord Canning

Lord Delhouse

Lord Robert


9. The Poona Agreement was signed between which of the following two leaders ?

Gandhiji and Ambedkar

Gandhiji and Subhash Chandra Bose

Chandra Shekhar Azad and Ambedkar

Ambedkar and Terrorist


10. Chanakya was known by the which of the following name ?

Vishnu Gupta

Chandra Gupta

Shivram Gupta

Budhi Gupta


11. First European to come to India from ?






12. Process of Melting is also called ………. .






13. Which of the following Poison is used for killing Rats ?

Zinc phosphide

Carbonic Oxide

Folic Acid

Anotic Acid


14. Atomic mass number is determined by, – Here which among the following is correct ?

By adding number of protons and neutrons

By adding number of Carbon

By adding number of Hydrogen

By adding number of Xenon


15. Which of the following lens is used to correct vision of a person suffering from Myopia ?

Concave lens

Marcave lens

Direct lens

Mirror lens

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